Andrew Noel

UX Designer

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Art. Code.

As a UX designer I have a philosophy for how I plan and build projects. Each one of these aspects is an integral part of the process to truly understanding the client request, while being able to push the limits and still deliver great work.

The client is why we are all here, but this focus also has benefits internally. The internal workflow can go very smoothly by being able to talk directly to the client and understand their needs. From there, I am able to head over to the development team to talk shop and find the best solution.

I truly believe that strategy, art and code have equal importance in delivering creative that the client is excited about and the team is happy to build.

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This is
what I do.

In no particular order.

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I am currently available for work in Toronto. Contact me any time, there might be a free coffee in it for you.

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